Watch A Young Dune Rats Fan Deliver A Kickass Cover Of ‘Bullshit’

Written by Sam Murphy on 20th September, 2016

Watch A Young Dune Rats Fan Deliver A Kickass Cover Of ‘Bullshit’

Dune Rats fans aren’t typically toddlers, but one little guy who has delivered an amazing cover of Bullshit might be the band’s ultimate fan.

Facebook user Ant Fedele has posted a video of his friend’s son covering the expletive-filled Dune Rats track, and the band have shared it saying, “THE BULLSHIT COVER OF ALL TIME”. And we’re inclined to agree, because it’s amazing.

In the video (below), the little guy strums away at his mini-guitar with as much ferocity as the Dunies themselves. By the time this guy grows up he’ll probably be ready to takeover as the next generation of Dune Rats.

Dunies fans are understandably going crazy watching the vid.

“This little lad will be shoeying his juice box by the time he is 9,” wrote one fan, which definitely wins the award for best comment.

Meanwhile in other Dunie news, they’re about to head out on tour with other Aussie legends DZ Deathrays. They’re doing an extensive tour together of Europe and the US and we’re worried about the health and safety of all involved.

Check out the little kid’s Bullshit cover alongside the original track, below.

Watch: Dune Rats – ‘Bullshit’


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