“Wandering Serial Collaborator” Dave Grohl Joins Legendary Hardcore Band Bl’ast!

Written by Nastassia Baroni on 10th August, 2015

“Wandering Serial Collaborator” Dave Grohl Joins Legendary Hardcore Band Bl’ast!

Dave Grohl‘s resume must be getting fairly heavy by now. There’s already the obvious Nirvana, Foo Fighters jobs. Then there’s his supergroup work with the Teenage Time Killers as well as Alice Cooper’s Hollywood Vampires. Oh, and rumours he might secretly be a member of Ghost. Now the overachieving rocker can add another collaborative project to the list.

That project is legendary hardcore punks Bl’ast!, who have just released their first EP in over 20 years, For Those Who’ve Graced the Fire!, which features Grohl on drums. Actually, not only did the Foo Fighter play on the record, he also helped mix and record it at his own Studio 606 in Northridge, California.

As Rolling Stone reports, the return EP features original Bl’ast! members Cliff Dinsmore and Mike Neider. Grohl and founding Black Flag bassist Chuck Dukowski are also on the record, filling in for Queens of the Stone Age vets and new Bl’ast! members drummer Joey Castillo and bassist Nick Oliveri, who were on tour at the time of recording.

To be fair, Grohl has previously acknowledged his reputation as a “wandering f**king serial collaborator,” but told NME earlier this year that he wasn’t going to let an opportunity like this pass him by.

“So the legendary American hardcore band Blast called and said, ‘Hey, will you come in and play on our new record?’,” he explained. “Now, Blast haven’t made a new record in 30 years. They said, ‘Our drummer and our bassist couldn’t make it, so we’ve got Chuck Dukowski from Black Flag on bass, will you play drums for us?’

“F**k yes I’ll go play drums for Blast. The record is brutal and amazing, and I got to play with Chuck Dukowski, who’s one of my heroes. That’s the big reward: getting to watch someone you’ve listened to your whole life record.”

Bl’ast! appeared on the scene with their 1986 debut The Power of Expression and followed that up with 1987’s highly influential It’s In My Blood. Grohl has actually worked in the studio with the band previously, on a re-release of that album, re-titled as Blood!, in 2103.

For Those Who’ve Graced the Fire! is only two tracks long but is the the first new piece of music from the band in more than two decades. The band are currently working on a new full-length album.

In the meantime, streamed For Those Who’ve Graced the Fire! in full below.

Watch: BL’AST! – For Those Who’ve Graced The Fire!


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