Unreleased Beatles Recordings Bound For New Compilation

Written by Sarah Bella on 29th August, 2013

Unreleased Beatles Recordings Bound For New Compilation

The Beatles are set to release a second volume of BBC recordings, according to reports after fans discovered a listing on the MCA Recordings Facebook page in the Philippines, promising a collection of previously unreleased performances from the mid-’60s.

According to The Guardian, the sleuthing fans from fansite WogBlog found a release month of October and album artwork for the LP, which appears to be a follow-up to the 1994 double CD Live at the BBC, which contained 56 songs from The Fab Four’s live sets on the BBC‘s Light Programme.

Although John Lennon and company performed on BBC Radio many times, the material is quite rare because the BBC didn’t archive all of its content until the late ’70s. MCA Recordings is a division of Universal, which owns the rights to The Beatles back catalogue, so while the new release may be the real deal, neither Universal in UK or the US have confirmed it.

With any luck, we won’t need any old unearthed Beatles material soon, with a Canadian dentist who owns an old rotten tooth of John Lennon’s announcing plans to clone the late superstar using his DNA and, you know, science. Watch this space.


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