Tool Songs Set To Help Your Baby Sleep

Written by Mike Hohnen on 3rd July, 2013

Tool Songs Set To Help Your Baby Sleep

If the twisted, ominous and deep world of Tool is what you want your child’s first experience to be, there is now the perfect solution. On Tuesday, 16th July, Roma Music Group will be releasing Lullaby Versions Of Tool, a far more baby-friendly take on the band’s renowned progressive styles.

All the favourites, including 10,000 Days, Vicarious and Stinkfist, made the cut for the 12-track album which at some point had to get the tick of approval from Maynard himself – downright decent of him, really, because now the new generation can become familiar with the themes of the shapeshifting frontman from the get-go.

If you head over to Amazon you can check out snippets of the tracks in their lullaby form and it’s SUPER ADORABLE, GUYS!

As for adult Tool songs, nothing’s been confirmed about their forthcoming album though hopefully it arrives before these little ones grow into restless Tool fans, because there’s already enough of them around.

Lullaby Versions Of Tool tracklist

01. Sober
02. Right In Two
03. Vicarious
04. Lateralus
05. Parabola
06. Eulogy
07. Aenima
08. 10,000 Days
09. Stinkfist
10. Forty Six & 2
11. The Grudge
12. Schism


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