This Aussie Refugee’s Homemade Music Videos Are Inspiring Everyone

Written by Emmy Mack on 1st April, 2015

This Aussie Refugee’s Homemade Music Videos Are Inspiring Everyone

A young Aussie refugee has become an international pop sensation after his homemade music videos went viral on YouTube. 22-year-old Hsa Hae or, as the internet knows him, ‘Star Boy’, is fulfilling his lifelong dream of becoming a musician after his family settled in Australia, just over two years ago.

As Fairfax reports, Hae has spent the majority of his life in a refugee camp on the Thai-Myanmar border, where his family fled to escape violent oppression at the hands of the Myanmar (Burma) military.

Star Boy spent his childhood in the camp writing love songs in his native tongue, Sgaw Karen, and playing his guitar at church for a small group of fans.

Upon arriving in the Melbourne suburb of Werribee via Australia’s refugee program, the first thing that the youngster did was save up to buy a laptop and begin making music videos, which have since clocked up over a million views on the ‘tubes.

Star Boy’s music is reportedly resonating with the Karen community, who are now scattered all over the world following decades of persecution and displacement.

Star Boy is set to perform his first proper live gig in Werribee soon with another well-known Karen singer, Danny, who will be flying to Australia from the US especially for the show.

Watch: Star Boy - Karen New Song


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