The MC Eso Misogyny Debate Has Made Allday Question His Own Lyrics

Written by Nastassia Baroni on 2nd October, 2014

The MC Eso Misogyny Debate Has Made Allday Question His Own Lyrics

Tom Gaynor, known to fans as Adelaide hip hop star Allday, has said he is questioning his use of the word “bitch” in his lyrics, in light of the recent debate about sexism in the Australian hip hop scene, sparked by MC Eso’s misogynistic Instagram posts.

Speaking to The Music, Gaynor said, “After doing my album, people started questioning me on my use of the word ‘bitch’ all the time. I sort of went, ‘Oh, yeah, maybe I need to start thinking about the way that I portray women’.”

Earlier this year, Allday released his debut album Startup Cult, which debuted at number three on the ARIA charts. The lyrics of some of the album’s cuts, such as Got It and Cult, do feature the word “bitch”.

“I feel like, if I’m talking about a girl I f**king hate, I’ll call her ‘bitch’. But, if I’m talking about females as a whole, I can’t be throwing the word ‘bitches’ around just ’cause I’ve heard it in that sense. So I’m trying to be more aware,” he added.

“I’m not an angel or anything, but I feel like I have a responsibility, I have a young fanbase, so I’ll at least communicate my feelings adequately. I don’t want to be politically-correct, but I also don’t want to misrepresent myself.”

The debate about sexism in Australian hip hop was ignited last month when Bliss N Eso’s MC Eso was caught posting misogynistic photos to Instagram, with waxworks of Rihanna, Raquel Welch and Lady Gaga, with equally offensive captions.

He was met with a barrage of criticism online, including condemnation from fellow artists in the Australian hip-hop community, and has apologised for his actions. Allday remarked he would be unable to speak as to the entire culture of the homegrown hip hop community, as his fanbase differs to that of Bliss N Eso’s.


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