The Avalanches Gearing Up To Release New Music This September?

Written by Sarah Bella on 25th June, 2013

The Avalanches Gearing Up To Release New Music This September?

It’s been a long, lonely 13 years since Australian electronic act The Avalanches released their stellar debut Since I Left You but according to journo Nosheen Iqbal, the band have completed 30 new tracks and will be releasing album number 2 next February.

Iqbal, acting culture editor for The Guardian, dropped the exclusive news via Twitter yesterday, quickly deleting her initial tweet which read, “Modular news scoop: New Avalanches album out in February 2014. 30 songs done and mixed. Heard some ystday + they sound exactly the same…” Iqbal also said a lead single would be coming this September.

The Avalanches have been teasing a sophomore release for about 6 years now – eat your heart out, Daft Punk. There was a promise of a 2012 release that never materialised, talk of many a collaboration and even confirmations from the band themselves but nary an album to be heard.

Back in 2007, the Melbourne outfit posted on their website that the album would be with us soon, saying, “It’s real, it exists, and you know we wouldn’t be serving anything up unless it was gonna give you that same special feeling that since [debut album Since I Left You] has. funnily enough its ended up sounding like the next logical step to since, we just had to go around in a big circle to get back to where we belong.”


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