Suicide Silence’s New Single ‘Cease To Exist’

Written by Mike Hohnen on 7th May, 2014

Suicide Silence’s New Single ‘Cease To Exist’

With a matter of months to go until the release of their return album You Can’t Stop Me, Suicide Silence have got the ball rolling with new single Cease To Exist, now complete with its own official lyric video.

The band’s new vocalist Eddie Hermida has chops as similar to white noise as that of his predecessor, the late Mitch Lucker, though there’s a lyrical prowess on demonstration in Cease To Exist that has largely gone unnoticed. Thanks to the below clip, we understand just how pissed off the protagonist is at this hypothetical person of which they speak. Real pissed off, you guys.

You Can’t Stop Me is about as anticipated as an album can be given fact it was an album that was almost certainly never going to happen at one stage. However with the band appearing at Soundwave, performing headlining shows around the world and talking up the record, the title seems to be an apt description.

Watch: Suicide Silence – Cease To Exist Lyric Video


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