Soundwave Organisers Working On New Rapture Festival?

Written by Mike Hohnen on 2nd September, 2013

Soundwave Organisers Working On New Rapture Festival?

On paper, it’s the perfect idea – Soundwave, the same festival team to have conquered the metal market and managed to bring the European feel Down Under with Harvest Festival, wading into the hip hop and dance festival arena. And although organisers for a mooted new festival, Rapture, have hit an early snag the idea may not have been thrown out altogether.

When the Herald Sun‘s Nui Te Koha reported that hip hop powerhouse Eminem would be touring Australia in early 2014, he also revealed that Soundwave were invited to help get things moving. Initially, it wasn’t known in which capacity they would be involved, but Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah has since explained that they were in talks with Em in relation to a new festival named Rapture.

When asked by a curious tweeter whether Soundwave were talking to Shady about a possible Soundwave Festival appearance, Maddah responded, “Nope. We were working on a festival w him called Rapture. Didn’t work out.” The scant information doesn’t make clear whether Rapture is still going ahead without Eminem, or whether it was the festival itself which “didn’t work out”.

There’s no way yet of knowing what the vibe of Rapture Festival would be but, given previous statements, it would seem a little out of character for Maddah to attempt a hip hop-based Australian festival. Just a few weeks ago, AJ commented via Twitter on the unstable market for hip hop tours in Australia, saying there were “too many dodgy promoters, too many dodgy agents, too many dodgy managers, too many dickhead artists” which has led to a series of cancelled festivals and tours:

“It’s plain larceny on the part of fake agents and managers selling acts they don’t have with money up front or promoters lying about acts and then not refunding; or “artists” that can’t be f**ked getting on a flight or leaving hotel. It’s just 1 giant circle jerk of thieves and arseholes. And even when they do turn up, the ‘artist’ usually wants to do the absolute minimum f**k-all possible to fulfill contract.”

Regardless, any new project from the Soundwave team is a tantalising prospect, and they may be the ones to turn the poor quality of hip hop tours in Australia around. It is also possible that, a la Soundwave Revolution, organisers may opt to scrap plans altogether rather than compromise standards.


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