Slayer Rescue Super Cute Kitten, Makes Internet Say ‘Awww’

Written by Marc Zanotti on 8th December, 2014

Slayer Rescue Super Cute Kitten, Makes Internet Say ‘Awww’

Turns out when Slayer aren’t thrashing about onstage, or generally worshipping chaos, the metal lords like to rescue cute, little kittens. Such is the way of the Soundwave alumni, who have made us all feel warm and fuzzy after finding an Indianapolis street cat a new home.

According to a statement released by the band’s management, via Nuvo, Slayer tour manager Jess Cortese was out to dinner with band co-founder and guitarist Kerry King, and other crew members, at St. Elmo’s Steak House.

After their meal Cortese, King and co. encountered a homeless man who was trying to offload the tiny, freezing feline in exchange for a buck. Showing mercy Cortese bought the cat, which then spent the night of the band’s tour bus. Indeed a step up in lifestyle.

The next day the fortunate cat was found a new home, taken in by a woman named Penny Hamilton Riley. The cat’s new owner later posted an image, via Facebook, of a cleaned-up Gypsy – as the cat is now named – catching up on some much needed sleep. Riley also thanked Slayer for their “act of kindness.”

Doesn’t get ya right in the feels? You can check out an image of Gypsy the cat below.


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