Skateboarder Makes Noel Gallagher Eat His Words With Undeniable Steeze

Written by Mike Hohnen on 29th April, 2016

Skateboarder Makes Noel Gallagher Eat His Words With Undeniable Steeze

In the age of Weekly Top Fails and instant karma, we love seeing someone eat their words. And when that someone is Noel Gallagher, it’s pure bliss. The cranky old man of modern music has learned the hard(flip) way not to talk shit on the international skateboarding community.

While in Portugal recently, the one-time Oasis member felt the need to attack the sport during an interview, explaining, “I’ve never seen a skateboarder, ever, in the streets in the entire world try and do something and not fall off.”

Well, thanks to what we assume is a hairstyle and gait that can be spotted from a while away and some solid informants, up-and-coming shredder Matthew ‘Nev’ Nevitt managed to stomp a massive tre flip right in front of the rock and roller leaving him a tad rattled. You can watch the footage below. Never before has the sound of plywood on cement sounded so much like “fuck you”.

Skateboarding is for little fucking idiots,” is how Gallagher’s rant began – on FuelTV of all places – encouraging the ire of the community. Pro-skater Alex Olson had some choice words for his retort, adding to the conversation via Instagram “Don’t throw stones in a glass house, Liam…. If you wanna talk about falling off, Let’s talk about that career of yours?

Looks like you just lost a letter, Gallagher – your trick.

WATCH: Noel Gallagher showed up by skateboarder

WATCH: Noel Gallagher “Skateboarding is for little fucking idiots”


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