Say Hello To The Pigtailed Aussie Metal Singer Taking J-Pop By Storm

Written by Emmy Mack on 17th July, 2015

Say Hello To The Pigtailed Aussie Metal Singer Taking J-Pop By Storm

King Parrot. Ne Obliviscaris. Twelve Foot Ninja. These are some of the homegrown heavy metal acts currently making waves on the world stage. And now, we can add another name to that list: Ladybeard.

Hailing from Adelaide, Ladybeard is a pro-wrestler, heavy metal vocalist and party-rocker who is fast becoming a Japanese sensation as the pigtailed, cross-dressing frontman of J-Pop group, LadyBaby.

Here’s a photo:


Ladybeard, aka Richard Magarey, solidified his reputation as being a cutesy-cuddly-albeit-hairy-cross-dressing-teddy-bear one minute, brutal-raging-fighting-machine the next, during his pre-Ladybaby days as a pro-wrestler toughing it out in the rings of Hong Kong.

Here’s another photo:

ladybeard wrestling

Bro, do you even lift?

But with a burning passion for brutal heavy metal rivalled only by his burning passion for tulle petticoats, Ladybeard moved to Japan and teamed up with two primary school girls, Rie Kaneko? and Rei Kuromiya, to form the pop-metal juggernaut, Ladybaby.

Think Babymetal, only fronted by a hairy, built-as bloke from Radelaide rocking pigtails and a Little Miss Muffet outfit.

Kawaii just grew a beard.

Here’s another photo:

ladybaby gif

Just a few weeks after the release of their debut single, Nippon Manju, Ladybaby are already a viral sensation, charting more than 4 million views on YouTube.

There are really no words to describe the contents of the Ladybaby’s YouTube output, so we’ll just leave you with this message from their frontman’s official Facebook page:

“Sing… Dance… DESTROY!!!”

Watch: Ladybaby – Nippon Manju

Watch: Ladybeard Justice Fight


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