Santana: “Pitbull Is The Queen And Rolling Stones Of Today”

Written by Greg Moskovitch on 20th May, 2014

Santana: “Pitbull Is The Queen And Rolling Stones Of Today”

Carlos Santana is deserving of the utmost respect from anybody who calls themselves a music fan, having played on some of the most enduring rock records of all time, performed at Woodstock, and won countless accolades. But the guitar god’s opinion of rapper Pitbull is, well, pretty questionable.

Pitbull is one of a long list of collaborators to appear on Santana’s latest album, Corazon, performing on a re-recording of what is arguably the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer‘s most famous tune, Oye Como Va. Pitbull gives the classic some hip-hop flavour, and Santana couldn’t be happier with it.

“I’m so grateful to him ’cause I think he tried it, like, close to 20 times,” he told ABC News Radio. “I feel so grateful that he invested such diligence, and willingness to do this. Everything that he does becomes like halftime at the Super Bowl, or the NBA. He’s like the new Queen and Rolling Stones of today, because every time you want your team to pick up the energy, they play that music.”

“So that’s what Pitbull is: he’s, like, the arena energy person!” added Santana. The guitarist made headlines back in December when reporters from KRON-TV helped him reconnect with Marcus “The Magnificent” Malone, his estranged friend and percussionist who’d become homeless.


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