Parkway Drive Causing Havoc For Gold Coast Street

Written by Nastassia Baroni on 8th August, 2014

Parkway Drive Causing Havoc For Gold Coast Street

Residents of a Gold Coast town have endured constant battles with vandalism and theft according to a news report, just because they happen to live on a street that shares its name with Byron Bay metalcore act Parkway Drive.

As explained by the Gold Coast Bulletin, the Advancetown street will this week again go nameless as thieves thought to be dedicated fans of the band went in “under the cover of darknesss” and stole the precious Parkway Drive street sign.

According to retired couple Stewart and Adrienne McEachran, this is far from the first time. “It had only been there a week. They don’t last longer than two weekends,” Mrs McEachran said. “When we get deliveries we have to tell them to come down the hill and it’s the next street on your right.”

The local council tried to outwit the culprits for a time when they changed the road’s name to Parkway Street but it has since reverted back to the original. According to Stewart McEachran this time round the vandals removed the sign by cutting the post with an oxy torch.

“One time they took the whole pole out of the ground and took it away — and then generously brought it back after taking the sign off,” adds Mrs McEachran. “Whoever is doing it knows what they’re doing and must pass this way and have a vehicle and do it in the middle of the night.”

The Gold Coast Bulletin reports that other frequently pinched signs include “Nemo St, Love St, Monaro St, Collingwood St, Essendon St, Sydney St and Hooker Blvd” as well as “signs with female Christian names” like Brittany and Danielle, which are apparently the most popular with thieves.

Byron Bay’s Parkway Drive celebrated their 10th anniversary last year and are currently touring the US with the Warped tour and are reportedly working on a fifth studio album, due release some time next year.

Watch – Parkway Drive – Wild Eyes


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