Northlane Are Unveiling New Song ‘Leech’ Part-By-Part Across The Internet

Written by Tom Williams on 26th June, 2015

Northlane Are Unveiling New Song ‘Leech’ Part-By-Part Across The Internet

Northlane are at it again with the whole cryptic internet clues thing, and this time they’ve scattered sections of new Node track Leech across the internet, laying out a digital scavenger hunt for eager and savvy fans.

In order to complete Northlane’s Leech internet maze and hear the track in full, fans are being asked to follow the hashtag #n16633, download all the pieces, and put them together in the correct order. A number of fans say they’ve already finished piecing together the puzzle.

Pieces of the Leech puzzle have been found in a variety of places, including Reddit, the Northlane Facebook page, the UNFD Soundcloud account and the Rise Records Facebook page, to name only a few.

Leech is taken from Northlane’s forthcoming album Node, which was first detailed via a series of cryptic Twitter clues. The record will be released on 24th July, and will be the band’s first with new vocalist Marcus Bridge, who has already been confused with the band’s previous frontman.

Previous to Leech, Northlane unveiled fellow Node tracks Rot and Obelisk, but if you want to hear Leech you’re going to have to work for it, or find someone who’s already done the work for you.

Marcus Bridge Performs With Northlane, Groovin The Moo 2015, Maitland / Photo: Maria Boyadgis


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