New Soundwave 2014 Headliner Details Revealed

Written by Mike Hohnen on 4th November, 2013

New Soundwave 2014 Headliner Details Revealed

As the deadline draws near for the eagerly awaited second Soundwave 2014 lineup announcement two hot contenders for the heavily discussed ‘third headliner’ spot have been ruled out and, just as you’d expect, the news came directly from AJ Maddah himself via Twitter.

German industrial metal gods Rammstein and English metal mainstays Iron Maiden have both been ruled out as the third headliner. The news came as AJ answered one particular follower’s inquiries, dashing their hopes while also elaborating that the coveted third headliner won’t be a festival headliner as such, but more of a “metal headliner to go along with Megadeth“.

That, however, doesn’t mean we can’t at least daydream that either of those bands scored the slot. Rammstein haven’t been Down Under since BDO 2011 and Maiden have managed to keep away for roughly the same amount of time, headlining Soundwave of that year, so a return from either wouldn’t be so unreasonable. Maddah’s also previously said he was looking at bringing Maiden out, so maybe a headlining Australian tour is on the cards for 2014.

Over the weekend, Maddah confirmed the involvement of the Howard Jones-fronted outfit Devil You Know, which is nothing short of epic. The former Killswitch Engage and his mean chops have been sorely missed. The full second lineup announcement is expected to come Thursday, 7th November, so all will be revealed very, very shortly.


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