New Live Online Music Show ‘ABABCd’ Starts 5th June

Written by Zoltan Blazer on 3rd June, 2013

New Live Online Music Show ‘ABABCd’ Starts 5th June

Starting 5th June a new independent live music show titled ABABCd will be making its way online via and Youtube. The show, which gets is name from a slight twist on the common music writing standard, has been geared towards celebrating live music, creativity and the Australian Arts.

Each episode, hosted by Nick Clarke, will centre around three bands performing one song each in front of a studio audience in Melbourne. The crux of the show, however, is no the popularity of the bands or songs but the creative merit behind each performance.

In a nut shell ABABCd is a Dadaist gathering with good lighting and an internet connection with ‘curious’ intermissions also expected to get you in the mood for that ‘lateral’ kind of thinking.

Information on the lineups for each episode will come to light closer to airing but we can reveal that episode 1 will feature Alpine, The Murlocs and Forces.

The fellows over at have put together a mysterious trailer, which you can watch here.


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