Missy Higgins Announces New Album ‘Solastalgia’

Written by Emmy Mack on 12th February, 2018

Missy Higgins Announces New Album ‘Solastalgia’

National treasure Missy Higgins has some big news. She’s got a new album coming out.

Higgo’s fifth studio album is dubbed Solastalgia, and is slated for release in early May. It marks her first original LP in six long years, and is also set to see the songstress experiment with a new, more electronic sound.

“There’s so much inspiring music being made out there in people’s bedrooms on their computers”, says Missy. “I wanted to see what sounds and beats we could conjure out of the electronic ether, and then try to wrap some stories and traditional instruments around them. It’s a huge journey, this album.”

The record is headed up by the quirky first single ‘Futon Couch’, which Missy reveals is named after the piece of furniture she was sitting on when she first met her husband.

“This is the happiest song on the record, so I wanted to start with it”, she says. “It’s not often I write a straight-out, ‘f**k it I love you’ song.

“It is the story of me meeting my husband in Broome, Western Australia. He was my good friend’s housemate and one day he walked into the living room where I was waiting for my friend. I sat on the Futon Couch making small-talk with him while he did the dishes and I thought, ‘Where did THIS guy come from and why is he so lovely and how can I surreptitiously arrange to hang out with him more?’

“After that day, I popped round for tea at my friend’s house way more often. We fell in love. We sang ‘I Was Made For Lovin’ You’ together at our friend’s wedding the following week and a few years later, I walked down the aisle towards him. This single tracks the beginning of our relationship and follows it into an unknown future.”

Get your ears on Missy Higgins’ new tune ‘Futon Couch’ below.


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