Melbourne Now Has A Guitar Vending Machine Open 24/7

Written by Zanda Wilson on 3rd May, 2017

Melbourne Now Has A Guitar Vending Machine Open 24/7

Touring life is tough, and inevitably most musicians have found themselves in a tight spot where they’ve forgotten or lost a vital piece of gear just hours before a show.

Well, for those playing gigs around Melbourne, Clingan Guitar Tone have provided a solution, in the form of a 24-hour guitar vending.

As Beat points out, The 24-hour Toneshop is located out the front of Clingan, and has a stack of your live gigging needs available for purchase out of a vending machine.

From guitar leads, tuners, strings, picks and straps, as well as as drum sticks, the Toneshop has pretty much everything that you’re likely to forget when you rock up at venue with that sinking realisation.

Check out the 24-Hour Toneshop’s full range of items, below, and you can make a suggestion for what they should start stocking next here.

Feature Images: Beat Magazine


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