Melbourne Band Clowns Cop Mass Online Abuse In Wake Of Creepy Clown Epidemic

Written by Emmy Mack on 11th October, 2016

Melbourne Band Clowns Cop Mass Online Abuse In Wake Of Creepy Clown Epidemic

When mass fear spreads throughout a society, innocent people are often unjustly blamed and persecuted. We’ve seen it occur countless times before throughout the course of history, from the Salem Witch Trials to the current Presidential election. And now, it’s happening again.

Melbourne hardcore punk band Clowns don’t even wear facepaint, but they’ve still found themselves being targeted by a pitchfork-wielding mob seeking retribution for the current creepy clown epidemic that’s sweeping the globe.

ICYMI: planet earth is currently being terrorised by a legion of rogue, demonic clowns. The so-called “Clown Purge” or “Clownpocalypse” – which basically involves a bunch of random sick fucks donning creepy clown outfits in public for the sole purpose of scaring the crap out of people. It began in the UK and US and has since spread to Australia, with incidents recently being reported in Perth and Brisbane and police issuing warnings to prospective copycats in Adelaide.

The public are naturally petrified by this spate of (literal) terror attacks, and Clowns the band have unfortunately been on the receiving end of their wrath, taking to social media to report that they’ve been copping abusive messages from frightened and pissed-off randoms “every 5 minutes, no joke..”

“REMINDER: We are a band from Australia and in no way are we related to the recent clown sightings in the US so plz stop messaging us filth,” the band found themselves forced to tweet in response to the incoming barrage of abuse.

They’ve also posted several screenshots of some of the enraged messages that they’ve received from befuddled keyboard warriors who seem to be holding them personally responsible for #clownscare16 by virtue of their band name alone (see below).

So please guys, remember that tolerance, unity and goodwill are our best defences in these chilling times, so try your best not to turn on your neighbours just because they have rainbow coloured skin and big red noses. The vast majority of clowns are gentle, peace-loving, tax-paying citizens just like you and I, and blaming these innocent clowns for the atrocious actions of a small and fragmented minority of extremist clowns who have perverted the clown belief system will only serve to tear our community apart.

And that’s exactly what the evil clowns want.

Oh and BTW: Clowns the band are on tour this month so go see ’em whydontcha.

Watch: Clowns – ‘Destroy The Evidence’


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