Matt Bellamy Updates Fans On “Heavy” New Muse Album

Written by Greg Moskovitch on 22nd July, 2014

Matt Bellamy Updates Fans On “Heavy” New Muse Album

Matt Bellamy says proceedings on Muse‘s seventh studio album are “going well” and the band hopes to have their follow-up to 2012's The 2nd Law ready “for next summer.” Writing via Twitter, Bellamy also touched on previous comments that Muse’s next album would be back-to-basics.

“So, are you sticking to your ‘going back to guitar/drums/bass‘ or was that just Matt being a tease?” asked one of Bellamy’s followers, referring to comments made to indicating the next Muse album would focus on traditional instrumentation. “Yes, it’s gonna get heavy,” he wrote.

According to Bellamy, the band entered the studio back in May, with Bellamy offering outlets several comments indicating the band’s new album would feature less of the progressive rock and dubstep-inspired elements that had characterised their previous releases, particularly The 2nd Law.

“I kind of thought I’d write purer music if I didn’t have any outside influence at all,” Bellamy told KROQ in December (via Ultimate Guitar). “I’ve gone back, I’m listening to a lot of music, especially classic rock music, which I haven’t listened to for a very long time. I’m getting really back into that.”

“I’m into it, I think our next album’s gonna sound like Back in Black basically,” the singer joked. “I think we’re getting back to where we started – straight rock is coming back to us. We’ve done a lot of experimentation with all these other weird things and I think it’s good for us to do that – to basically remind ourselves that you can’t just beat guitar, bass and drums – you just can’t beat that.”

Image: Muse Live In Sydney, 2013 / Photo: Ashley Mar


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