LISTEN: MGMT’s New Single ‘Alien Days’ Is About “A Parasitic Alien In Your Head”

Written by Sarah Bella on 22nd April, 2013

LISTEN: MGMT’s New Single ‘Alien Days’ Is About “A Parasitic Alien In Your Head”

Electric Feel this ain’t. MGMT have dropped a new track over the weekend, Alien Days, in celebration of Record Store Day, giving fans a sample of what to expect from their self-titled third studio album, scheduled for release in June.

If the mere mention of the Brooklyn psychedelic duo sends you running and screaming, triggering flashbacks of that point in 2008 when saturation had reached its peak and one couldn’t leave the house without being assaulted by Kids followed by Electric Feel followed by Time To Pretend, don’t worry – Alien Days doesn’t sound like anything from their first effort Oracular Spectacular, nor does it fit with their under-rated second album, 2010's Congratulations.

Alien Days has a Beta Band on acid flavour to, no doubt thanks to the involvement of producer Dave Fridmann, responsible for such trip-outs as Tame Impala’s Lonerism and Flaming Lips’ Every Piece Of Recorded Output Since 1990. Even though Fridmann also produced Oracular, he seems to be steering the MGMT lads towards wackier waters.

Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser thankfully seem to have no intention of reliving their days as a Top 40 band, with VanWyngarden explaining that Alien Days is “about that feeling when a parasitic alien is in your head, controlling things”.

Ah, of course. THAT feeling. We’re not singing about finding models for wives anymore, Toto.

MGMT – Alien Days


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