Listen: Dave Grohl Mans The Drums For RDGLDGRN’s New Single ‘I Love Lamp’

Written by Mike Hohnen on 11th February, 2013

Listen: Dave Grohl Mans The Drums For RDGLDGRN’s New Single ‘I Love Lamp’

The latest awesome deed from Foo Fighters frontman and documentary maker Dave Grohl comes in the form of a track brilliantly titled I Love Lamp, set to feature on RDGLDGRN’s debut EP.

The collaboration stems from the fact that RDGLDGRN are coming up through the same local music scene that Dave Grohl once did – the same one he now resides over. RDGLDRN have shown respect to the Washington D.C. music scene by inviting Grohl to perform drum duties on the track, and needless to say, Grohl was very much obliged.

Don’t let the comical and surprisingly still-relevant Anchorman reference as a title fool you, the track addresses some serious stuff. The falsetto chorus fits in very nicely with the narrative of love lost. “She said ‘I never want to see you again’” is a catch cry that we can all vibe to. The tight flow of the rap verse gives off the impression that this won’t be the last we hear of RDGLDGRN.

Their self-titled EP drops Thursday, 14th February.


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