Liam Gallagher Wants His Kids To Carry On The Musical Family Tradition

Written by Mike Hohnen on 11th June, 2013

Liam Gallagher Wants His Kids To Carry On The Musical Family Tradition

It seems that when he is no longer of this planet, Liam Gallagher‘s musical legacy will live on through his two sons. Gallagher has explained that the family bug hasn’t skipped a generation and both his boys are showing very encouraging signs that they will be able to carry the family name in a similar manner to their father and uncle.

During an interview with The Independent On Sunday, Gallagher Sr has said he’d highly support his offspring should they choose to follow the rockstar path. When asked whether he’s recommend life in a band to his sons, Gallagher replied, “Without a doubt. I’d recommend it to anyone. It’s the best gig in the world, man.”

Apparently 13-year-old Lennon, whose mother is Patsy Kensit, is turning into an exceptional axe god, and his 11-year-old half-brother Gene, the son of Liam and Nicole Appleton, is quickly learning his way around a drumkit.

“Gene is up in his room drumming every day. Oh, mate, he loves it. Lennon does guitar lessons in school, and fancies himself as a bit of a singer,” Gallagher explained. Lennon seems to be picking up his talent very quickly, but there’s still a bit to go before he’s officially cutting his dad’s grass. “I don’t know [if he's got my skills], mate. His life’s a bit easier than mine – he’s got to wait for something to piss him off.”

There’s also one unmentioned Gallagher child, 13-year-old Molly, who could also eventually catch the musical bug. So who knows? Maybe one day there will be a band with more Gallaghers in it than Oasis.


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