Lego Goes Heavy Metal With This Crushing Cover Of ‘Everything Is Awesome’

Written by Sam Murphy on 19th September, 2016

Lego Goes Heavy Metal With This Crushing Cover Of ‘Everything Is Awesome’

Lego is about as far away from heavy metal as you can get, partly because it’s plastic, but this heavy metal cover of Everything Is Awesome from The Lego Movie is surprisingly…awesome.

Everything Is Awesome by Canadian duo Tegan & Sara featured on the soundtrack for the excellent 2014 Lego Movie and now Norwegian musician Leo Moracchioli has taken it into a different realm with his slamming heavy metal cover.

Moracchioli is no stranger to bizarre heavy metal covers. He’s previously taken on the Friends theme song, the Ghostbusters theme song and Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.

He always gets right into character and this one is no different with Moracchioli sporting a Lego outfit and bouncing around like he could be in the movie. In reality, he’s adding a grit and fire to the song that just wouldn’t have suited the happy-go-lucky filmgoers.

Strangely enough, the lyrics actually really suit the heavy metal rendition with the use of “aweesommmeeeeee” getting a real stadium rock make over that’s quite swelling.

Maybe metal LEGO could be a good idea, followed by a heavy metal-themed movie? Or maybe not. Metal and kids are not a great match.

Watch: Everything Is AWESOME!!! – Leo Moracchioli


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