Korn Guitarist Talks New Album

Written by Mike Hohnen on 1st November, 2012

Korn Guitarist Talks New Album

There’s some good news for Korn fans who have stuck by the band through thick and thin. Currently hard at work on their next album, the band have stated that this time they’ll move away from the dubstep theme they took on their last release.

Speaking on behalf of his bandmates, guitarist James ‘Munky’ Shaffer has unveiled a few details on the album. Currently in production, Shaffer told the Phoenix New Times that the release will be a noticeable departure from The Path of Totality

“I wouldn’t say it’s a 180 from the last album, but we’re definitely taking a different approach. We’re not going with the dubstep style, but we are using a lot of interesting recording techniques,” Shaffer said.

According to Loud Wire, when asked by the Phoenix New Times whether this will be the album that sees the return of the much heavier Korn, Shaffer seemed hopeful.

“I think it will be. I think once Jonathan [Davis] puts vocals on it … it’s more melodic and the guitars are more aggressive and much more in your face. I think what we did before was bold and took a lot of balls, in regards to the album devoted entirely to dubstep. To me it’s very much a Korn album, but I want to feature more guitar on this album, on the one we’re writing right now,” he said.

He continued to explain that the band is yet to give up its new-found electronic sensibilities and has “one foot in the electronic [style]“. Though sonicially distancing themselves from the release, Korn have stood by the dupstep-riddled 2011 album. Munky explained, saying that the band needed to keep moving for fear of getting stale.

“We’ve always been a band that’s tried to reinvent themselves and innovate what we do, I think. We were at the point in our career you know, our tenth album, [and it was] like, let’s go for it. And if we don’t like it, we don’t have to put it out,” he said.

We have to warn you though, don’t get too excited. No release date or anything else along those lines has been announced, but it’s sure to come soon.


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