King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Give Sneak Peak Of Future 2017 Albums

Written by Emmy Mack on 21st February, 2017

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Give Sneak Peak Of Future 2017 Albums

Future generations will no doubt refer to 2017 as The Year Of King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard. 

ICYMI: The turbo-prolific Melbourne psych heads have promised to serve up four freakin’ studio albums this year alone, and they seem on track to deliver the goods.

Their ninth LP, Flying Microtonal Bananais due to drop this Friday, 24th February and is currently the feature album on triple j. But during their celebratory chats with the youth broadcaster, Team Gizz delved further into the mysterious future to give us the low-down on what their other 2017 LPs — beyond the Banana — hold in store.

First up: expect a shitload of legitimate Gregorian chanting, courtesy of vocal ninja Joe Walker, who tells the J’s he busted out the technique au naturale onstage at Laneway during the band’s performance of ‘Nuclear Fusion’.

“We weren’t using a vocoder. I can do really bad Gregorian throat singing,” he explains. “…I gotta get my shit together and practise that – it takes its toll.”

Practise for what, you ask? Bandmate Stu Mackenzie explains: “There’s going to be quite a lot of throat singing in our next record, actually. It sounds like we’re being sarcastic but it’s true.”

And that’s not all. Another one of the cats that King Gizz have let out of the bag is that one of their new records will take the form of a 21-track narrated opus.

Speaking with the J’s, Mackenzie described the forthcomer in relation to the band’s second album, the psychedelic spaghetti western audiobook, Eyes Like The Sky.

“We’re actually making this record at the moment which is completely narrated throughout but it’s not related to Eyes Like The Sky at all. It’s kind of more related to Nonagon Infinity but it’s three distinct stories… kind of short stories that interlink but don’t follow in a linear sense. I think it’s going to be 21 tracks, so a lot of shorter pieces…” he says.

“It’s Eyes Like the Sky-esque in the sense that it’s narrated and visual but it’s not really that kind of music.”

Harp-sucker/vocalist Ambrose Kenny-Smith adds: “Like the worst nightmare of Eyes Like The Sky – it’s pretty dark.”

Should be a good one for the parallel Gizzverse theorists, then.

Check out the clip below.

Watch: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard — ‘Eyes Like The Sky’ (Trailer)


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