Kevin Parker Reveals Shrooms & Bee Gees Inspired Tame Impala’s New Sound

Written by Mitch Feltscheer on 6th July, 2015

Kevin Parker Reveals Shrooms & Bee Gees Inspired Tame Impala’s New Sound

My mum always told me that if I worked hard and applied myself I could achieve success but it turns out she was teaching me some real garbage, as all you really need is a bunch of drugs and the Bee Gees spinning in the background in order to get s**t done. Thanks for nothing, MOTHER.

The Kevin Parker Method® was revealed as the driving force behind Tame Impala’s upcoming third LP Currents in an interview with The Guardian in which ya boi KP discussed a certain crystallising moment of inspiration and the bevy of intoxicants that fueled it.

“I was in LA a few years ago and for some reason we’d taken mushrooms, it must have been the end of our tour,” he told The Guardian. “I was coked up as well, and a friend was driving us around LA in this old sedan. He was playing the Bee Gees and it had the most profound emotional effect.” Yep, sounds about right.

Parker goes on to say that the Bee Gees ball-tightening hit Staying Alive, along with the whole being higher then a giraffe’s dick thing, moved him so tremendously that it directly inspired the psych-disco sound Tame Impala’s newy supposedly strives to achieve.

“The beat felt overwhelmingly strong and, at that moment, it sounded pretty psychedelic. It moved me, and that’s what I always want out of psych music. I want it to transport me.”, said Kevdawgs before ripping the world’s biggest bong and shelving four stacks of acid, probably.

So there you have it kids, the key to making chart-topping music is drugs. Lots and lots of drugs. You heard it here first!

Watch: Tame Impala – Cause I’m A Man (Official Live Video)

Image: Tame Impala Live At Big Day Out 2014 Melbourne / Photo: Anwar Rizk


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