Kanye And DJ Mano Just Split Up, Painful Video May Explain Why

Written by Greg Moskovitch on 14th August, 2014

Kanye And DJ Mano Just Split Up, Painful Video May Explain Why

Kanye West has reportedly parted ways with his longtime DJ, Million Dollar Mano, or DJ Mano for short. The news comes via Mano’s Twitter page, with no confirmation yet from Yeezy himself. Mano has not offered a reason for the split, but his reputation was hardly that of a diligent employee.

While performing alongside West on the rapper’s acclaimed Yeezus tour, Mano had a tendency to flub parts of his set. A compilation of the “Best of DJ Mano” by a Kanye To The message board user features multiple instances in which West becomes frustrated with Mano cueing the wrong songs and dropping out beats without bringing them back in, leaving West to languish in awkward silence.

Judging by his recent tweets, Million Dollar Mano seems to have taken the sudden split in stride, though he has been lashing out at some of West’s more die-hard fans, writing, “Gonna have a fun day blocking these Kanye Stans that are happy I don’t DJ [for] him anymore hahahahaha!”

Watch: The Best of DJ Mano, Kanye West’s Former DJ


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