James Murphy Working On “400 Hours” Of New Music

Written by Greg Moskovitch on 1st September, 2014

James Murphy Working On “400 Hours” Of New Music

James Murphy has done a pretty good job of keeping busy since the dissolution of LCD Soundsystem, producing an album for Arcade Fire and attempting to revolutionise NYC subway travel. Now Murphy has partnered with IBM and the US Open to create almost “400 hours” of new, sadly non-LCDS music.

As The Guardian reports, the project, dubbed The US Open Sessions, will see Murphy and a team of fellow mad scientists, like IBM developer Patrick Gunderson, taking every play from every match in the tournament and turning them into algorithms, then using a synth-like interface to turn them into music.

The first results of the project can now be heard at the official website, with uploads arriving in short and long versions after every game until the women and men’s finals next month. Murphy is also working on 14 remixes based on moments from the tournament, including weather changes and crowd reactions.

“It’s a hard project, actually, [which] is kind of exciting,” said the singer and producer during a promotional video for the project. “We’re going to generate almost 400 hours worth of music, but I’m not going to sit there and play 400 hours of music, just so you know. I’m setting up a machine to do that.”

Murphy’s current project resembles his New York City subway idea in spirit. Similarly wanting to turn the motions of real life into sweet, sweet music, back in November Murphy proposed making individual soundtracks for each station of the NYC mass transit system to brighten up the otherwise “brutal” city.

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