Hear The Epic Opening Track From Paul Dempsey’s New Solo Album ‘Strange Loop’

Written by Zana Rose on 18th April, 2016

Hear The Epic Opening Track From Paul Dempsey’s New Solo Album ‘Strange Loop’

Paul Dempsey has unveiled his his second solo track for 2016, and announced the details of his brand new solo album Strange Loop.

The new song, titled The True Sea is an epic seven minute long tune, set to open the upcoming album due for release May 13th, seven years after the Something for Kate frontman’s solo debut, 2009’s Everything Is True.

The track is a slow burn, with layers of rhythm and droney electric guitars all gradually climbing to a beautiful chaotic peak as we near the song’s end.

Dempsey describes The True Sea as being a “song about space – as in deep space, but also personal space; it’s kind of both of those things.”

Check it out with accompanying recording studio footage here:

The album itself is going to be a combination of the familiar sound we have come to know and love from Dempsey, mixed with some more unchartered territory as he explores new textures and sounds in his work.

“There’s going to be some songs that people go, ‘Wow, that’s something I haven’t heard from you before.’ And there’s also stuff that people are going to recognise,” he told Rolling Stone.

We can hear this already in the two cuts he has released from the album thus far. Morningless released back in February, delivers that warm Paul Dempsey hooky rock, while The True Sea is a more brooding, unpredictable unfolding.

Listen to Morningless here:

Track List:

1. The True Sea
2. Strange Loop
3. Idiot Oracle
4. Hey History (Don’t Go Changin’)
5. Lifetime Supply
6. Morningless
7. Be Somebody
8. Blindspot
9. Iris Black
10. Volunteers
11. Nobody’s Trying To Tell Me Something


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