GWAR Spare Dave Grohl’s Life Following Dave Brockie Tribute

Written by Greg Moskovitch on 22nd September, 2014

GWAR Spare Dave Grohl’s Life Following Dave Brockie Tribute

While most of us will agree that Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has earned his reputation as the most likeable man in rock, the late Oderus Urungus of GWAR never quite jumped on that bandwagon. However, it was Grohl’s immense likeability that prevented his disembowelment at the hands of GWAR.

As Rolling Stone reports, having finally arrived in Richmond, Virginia for their much-talked-about crowdfunded show, Foo Fighters decided to take some time to honour their fellow Richmond legends. Standing before an enraptured crowd, Grohl recounted the first time he ever experienced GWAR live.

“One of the greatest compliments, or non-compliments, that I have ever gotten in my life,” the famously genial frontman continued, “I remember seeing this interview with Dave Brockie where they asked Brockie about a Grammy nomination, and somehow he made his way to me, and he said ‘Dave Grohl, he’s actually had his teeth removed so he could fit more Grammy dicks in his f**king mouth.’”

“So, right now, I give it up to Brockie,” Grohl told the crowd. “He would f**king hate that I dedicated a f**king song to him.” However, the sentiment was not lost on the surviving members of GWAR, and the heartfelt tribute to Brockie, who performed as Oderus Urungus, may have just saved Grohl’s life.

“I had every intention of going to Foo Fighters’ show to kill Dave Grohl, but he said something really nice about Oderus. I decided I’m going to spare his life this time,” explained GWAR drummer JiZMak Da Gusha in a video message released via YouTube. Even scumdogs just can’t help liking Dave Grohl.

GWAR made headlines yesterday after introducing their new frontwoman, Vulvatron, who comes equipped with prosthetic breasts that shoot blood into the audience. Vulvatron, along with Blothar (a returning Mike Bishop), are the two most recent additions to the ever-rotating GWAR roster.

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