Foo Fighters Eighth Album Artwork Revealed?

Written by Greg Moskovitch on 7th August, 2014

Foo Fighters Eighth Album Artwork Revealed?

The album cover for the Foo Fighters‘ highly anticipated eighth studio album may have just been revealed via Reddit. The band have recently been posting various coordinates on their social media channels, leading fans to different locations where a snippet of the supposed artwork awaits them.

All of the locations that have had coordinates supplied have been cities where the band recorded their latest album, such as Nashville and New Orleans. When pieced together, the artwork snippets placed in each location result in the image that readers can check out below.

The completed image was leaked by apparent “comic book store [owner]” and Twitter user “Captain Sarcastic“, who tweeted the image along with the caption, “Got stickers at shop today. No note/return [address]. FF in the corner. 8's hidden in pic. Promo for the new Foo Fighters?”

There’s been no confirmation of whether or not this is indeed the artwork for the Foos’ next album, though the assumption is reasonable considering that the number eight prominently features in the image. The as-yet untitled recorded is the band’s eighth and will reportedly feature eight songs.

Yesterday, the band took to their social media accounts to tease “big news” coming Monday. No further details were offered but after a fan asked if the announcement would pertain to the band’s international following or simply the United States, the band insisted the news was “Worldwide!”



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