Ed Sheeran Debuts Song About Weed Called ‘Sweet Mary Jane’

Written by Tom Williams on 4th June, 2015

Ed Sheeran Debuts Song About Weed Called ‘Sweet Mary Jane’

Once a regular smoker of marijuana, English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has debuted a brand-new acoustic track called, yes, Sweet Mary Jane.

Looping samples of his vocals at a recent show in New York, Sheeran debuted the song (below) for fans, complete with lyrics which can only really be referred to as “not subtle”.

Take, for example, the song’s opening lines: “I woke up early looking out my window at the Amsterdam sky / Oh baby I was high last night / Café clouds and red lights.”

Oh and then there’s this one: “I draw you deep into my chest ’cause that’s where it feels the best”, and this, “Oh baby I am so damn high / Have you seen my eyes?”

Sheeran has said he quit smoking marijuana over two years ago, but once fell in love with a beanbag (haven’t we all?) after taking ecstasy. His latest drug-related escapade, Sweet Mary Jane, is available to enjoy in full, below.

Watch: Ed Sheeran – Sweet Mary Jane @ Forest Hills Stadium, New York, 29.05.15


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