Bluejuice Blocked By SoundCloud For Shamelessly Stealing From Themselves

Written by Greg Moskovitch on 22nd May, 2014

Bluejuice Blocked By SoundCloud For Shamelessly Stealing From Themselves

Bluejuice are one of those bands that sit towards the lower end of the constant evolution spectrum, which musicologists most often refer to as ‘The Radiohead Index’. They’ve managed to carve themselves a catchy, quirky, poppy little sound that they like, and their fans enjoy in equal measure.

And it seems SoundCloud have picked up on the general similarities between the band’s songs, in particular the very subtle but tangible similarities between Act Yr Age, the lead single from Bluejuice’s 2011 album Company, and Act Yr Age by Bluejuice from their 2011 album Company.

The diligent SoundCloud automatic content detection system picked up on this obvious plagiarism and informed the band. The band even commended SoundCloud for informing them that they’d unknowingly ripped themselves off. “That’s some fine detective work, Soundcloud,” they wrote.

Watch: Bluejuice – Act Yr Age

(Photo: Bluejuice Live At Big Day Out Sydney, 2014 / Photo: Olivia Hadisaputra)


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