Ball Park Music Got Drunk And Live-Tweeted The ARIAs

Written by Emmy Mack on 24th November, 2016

Ball Park Music Got Drunk And Live-Tweeted The ARIAs

Thousands of eyeballs across the nation were glued to screens last night to watch the 30th annual ARIA Awards go down at Sydney’s The Star.

But arguably even more entertaining than the ceremony itself was the hilarious running commentary provided by ‘Best Rock Album’ nominees, Ball Park Music.

Unleashing a tweetstorm of pithy, candid and hilarious observations — both appropriate and profoundly inappropriate — Team Ball Park live-tweeted the the night’s proceedings, including the emotional roller coaster that lead up to their crushing ARIA defeat at the hands of Violent Soho, in a thigh-slapping tirade that only seemed to get more and more LOLworthy as the group got progressively drunker.

The band’s epic diatribe of 140-character truth blasts ranged from “Our manager is so bored he’s sexting” to the forthright “Need to piss” to “Waited in the toilet line next to Fitzy from Nova and then used the exact same toilet as Anthony Callea! I’m fucking buzzing”, and went on to take playful digs at a stack of their fellow artists including night-conqueror Flume (“#ableton”), Molly Meldrum, Barnesy, hosts The Veronicas, the “urban”, “country” and “hard rock/metal” categories, plus not-so-playful digs at One Direction and Kyle Sandilands.

But perhaps the crowning moment of the band’s drunken twitter binge was when they shared the reflection: “Can’t believe we lost straight up and then just bitterly tweeted the rest of the night,” and then retweeted it themselves.

This is seriously the stuff of ab-aching LOLs. Ball Park Music may not have won an ARIA, but they definitely won the ARIAs with their Twitter game.

Take a journey through the band’s 2016 ARIA Awards experience, below.

(Presumably in response to the poo references in Montaigne’s acceptance speech)


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