Azealia Banks And Kanye “Like The Same Person But Boy And Girl”

Written by Sarah Bella on 12th November, 2013

Azealia Banks And Kanye “Like The Same Person But Boy And Girl”

Serial drama llama Azealia Banks is at it again, with the 212 rapper this time telling the world she believes she’s the female answer to Kanye West and that they share a spiritual connection, saying, “It’s just me and him.”

The 22-year-old performer told Elle that she believes that both her and Yeezy’s conciousnesses are swirling around each other, saying, “Kanye is a genius. Kanye and I are like the same person but boy and girl. We’re pulling from the same cloud, the same inspiration. We’re both Geminis, we’re the two premier avant gardists in hip hop music.”

She also had high praise for fellow egotist and fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, saying, “He gave me some cute clothes and an iPad. I was like, ‘Uncle Karl!’ He’s really interesting. And the people around him are really nice.”

We now have two people to add to the list of People Whom Azealia Banks Likes, which is currently being massively outweighed by the list of People Whom Azealia Banks Has Had A Twitter Spat With, which includes Lily Allen, A$AP Rocky and Disclosure. She’s set to appear on the new Childish Gambino album, Because The Internet, due out next month, and Azealia told us at Listen Out that we could expect her debut album in February or March next year.


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