Atreyu: New Music Is “F**king Blistering”

Written by Nastassia Baroni on 5th September, 2014

Atreyu: New Music Is “F**king Blistering”

Recently reformed California metalcore favourites Atreyu are getting ready to kick their comeback into full gear and, in the lead up, drummer and clean vocalist Brandon Saller has told Music Feeds that their “reincarnation” has produced some incredible results in the studio.

Atreyu have been teasing “a surprise” for fans, due to drop sometime Friday, 5th September, LA time, in the lead up to a comeback show in their native Orange County. It’s suspected to be the first taste of new music from the band since their 2009 album Congregation Of The Damned, music the drummer says is Atreyu at their best.

“It’s a total reincarnation of our band. It’s f**king heavy as can be, aggressive as can be and is definitely a punch in the face of heavy music in general,” Saller told Mike Hohnen for an upcoming episode of Music Feeds Podcast. “It’s f**king blistering. We’re f**king stoked.”

“We started getting to a point where we just didn’t believe in it anymore,” Saller said about the band’s decision to go on hiatus in 2011. “We were just very numb to what was happening and almost like were were just going through the motions. And for us, we don’t feel that a band deserves to be active if you’re like that.”

He said the band faced a lot of outside pressure to reform, but they ultimately had to make the decision on their own terms. “We knew that people wanted it. Whether we saw it on the internet, or other bands that we’re friends with mentioned it…everywhere I go, people ask about Atreyu. But the most important part was that it had to feel right to us.”

Brandon said the band began seriously discussing the idea of reforming about 6-8 months ago. “With the state of the music world right now, it felt like the right thing.”

“Now we’re writing music and we’re in the studio and we’re practising it feels like we’re 19-year-olds again,” he added. “Little hungry kids and all I want to do is f**king sweat and bleed my guts out. It feels like that again. And for a band like Atreyu it needs to feel like that.”


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