Adelaide DJ Dodges Jail After Getting Stabbed During Bizarre Noise Complaint Row With Neighbour

Written by Emmy Mack on 14th July, 2017

Adelaide DJ Dodges Jail After Getting Stabbed During Bizarre Noise Complaint Row With Neighbour

An Adelaide DJ and his professional wheelchair basketballer mate have narrowly avoided a prison sentence following a bizarre series of events which began with a noise complaint and ended with their unfortunate stabbing.

As News Corp reports, it all started back in May 2015 when the pair — formerly prominent nightclub DJ Adrien Jonathon Mee and ex-national wheelchair basketball rep Phillip Christopher Stephens — were high on meth and blasting party tunes at a window-shaking volume inside Stephens’ Blackview home, triggering police to be summoned amid a chorus of noise complaints from disgruntled neighbours.

However, the stubbornly turnt ravers refused to let the fuzz crap on their vibe and swiftly cranked the sound back up as soon as the boys in blue were out of earshot.

This did not bode well with the man who lived next door with his partner and kids, and he proceeded to voice his vexation to Stephens via text message, causing the sportsman to fly into an aggro rage.

District Court Judge Geraldine Davison determined that Stephens and Mee were “very big… and very threatening” and “out for trouble” when they stormed next door and Stephens banged on the front door with such force that it shattered the glass.

The pair then forced their way inside and began biffing-on with the home’s noise-complaining occupants.

The male and female residents both copped punches before the terrified homeowner grabbed a knife and stabbed the invaders multiple times — Mee twice in the abdomen and Stephens once each in the face and armpit.

The neighbour was initially arrested at the scene, but prosecutors later dropped the charges after accepting that he’d acted in self defence.

Judge Davison ruled that Stephens and Mee essentially brought their injuries upon themselves courtesy of their criminal over-reaction to the OG noise complaint, determining that there was “absolutely no need” for them to go next door.

“There was every reason why the music should have been turned down and you should have allowed your neighbours to have enjoyed a good night’s sleep,” she proclaimed.

Stephens and Mee both copped to charges of aggravated serious criminal trespass in a place of residence and aggravated assault after conceding their reaction was unfathomably OTT with a simple request to turn the music down.

However, Judge Davison showed a merciful hand, acknowledging that the bizarre behaviour was out of character for both men, who apparently both provided “glowing personal references”.

She handed them both suspended jail terms on condition of an 18-month good behaviour bond.

The lesson here? Probs don’t do meth.


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