10 Freakin’ Million People Tried To Buy Adele Tour Tickets In The U.S.

Written by Mitch Feltscheer on 21st December, 2015

10 Freakin’ Million People Tried To Buy Adele Tour Tickets In The U.S.

Record (and heart) breaking superwoman of music, Adele, continues to smash this little ol’ recording industry, continuing on from her insanely successful 2015 record 25, by selling out her US tour in minutes, with a reported ten million people attempting to purchase some sweet air-sharing with the UK singer.

Let me just say that again: 10. MILLION…


To put that in perspective, imagine one person, then times that by ten million, and you’ve got some kind of idea of what I’m talking about here.

An amount of people equal to half the population of Australia logged online and tried to buy tickets to Adele which is pretty damn nuts.

President of Ticketmaster North America Jared Smith said that despite some system crashes, the sale of the 750,000 or so tickets went swimmingly.

“Thanks to your efforts – even with what I’m told was easily an all-time record of 10 million + fans rushing to our site – we delivered a good experience for as many fans as possible,” he said.

No news of an Australian tour from Adele as of yet. Hey Adele. Hello from the other side. We want you here. xo


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