Nerdlinger - Trend Setter EP

Nerdlinger - Trend Setter EP

Written by Chelsea Deeley on 3rd August, 2015

If you’re a fan of an unpolished thrashing of balls-to-wall guitars, incessant drumming patterns and infectious hooks then Trend Setter, the latest 8-track offering by southern-Sydney dudes Nerdlinger is your bag.

With pop-punk sensibilities and a forthright rock and roll stance, the EP’s sound is akin to an Australian rascal birthed as the result of a drunken ménage à trois between Pennywise’s driving guitars, the vocals of No Use For A Name and NOFX’s elementary humour.

Opening with a low-fi cocaine-focused YouTube sample, we’re launched into the first single off the release Hostages, a catchy optimistic number.

A quick 55-second smash of an ode to Pennywise and we’re into the tempo-crazed beast that is Breaking Murphy’s Law. It rings in gently with sparse guitars and mostly solo vocals. Suddenly a Mexican roll-up appears, horns and percussion included. The pace is more than doubled, the drums roll relentlessly and the guitars melt your brain. A belter of a track.

Fifth track and latest single Not Like You is a minute and a half of abrasive insinuations and a sweet guitar solo, which ends to make way for the catchy hook-laden Twenty Five – a seemingly more radio friendly track with memorable harmonies and classic pop-punk guitars.

The Wild-western intro of Six Point 2 Degrees appears as yet another right turn; with the horns reintroduced and a plodding baseline that soon assimilates into pumping guitars and bold chorus statements of “I’m right where I belong”.

Unfriends Forever is just a thrashing 17-second reminder that no, they don’t need your f**king friendship, and from the opening growl of EP closer Fine Lines (F**k Harmony) you’re moving with affliction as the verbal cajoling of ‘walk away… turn your back, f**k your harmony, we don’t need it anyway’ rings through riotously.

Every so often, you come across a release that’s purpose is to be thrust from a tower of speakers upon a sweaty pit of greasy hair and saturated bodies. After sitting in a silent reflection to regather all sense of cohesion – it’s clear this EP is one of them.


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