The Dunhill Blues // The Dark Clouds // The Escarpment // Solid Gold Bastards

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The Dunhill Blues // The Dark Clouds // The Escarpment // Solid Gold Bastards Tickets

8:00pm, Fri 16 December, 2016
Rad Bar, NSW

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"Making it" in a band is actually really fucking easy*
You're the one who decides what the hell that actually even means.
For some bands it means getting famous, for some it means getting rich, for others it's snorting crushed saber-tooth tiger bones off the Crown Jewels.

Each to their own.

For The Dunhill Blues it was all about getting out of Sydney, and seeing as much of the country as we could, playing our own songs and getting in adventures and shit. Maybe we could record an album? I dunno whatever.....

We had rock'n'roll dreams baby but they didn't have much to do with playing stadiums.

That all fell into place pretty quick so you can imagine how we felt. We were killing it! Humpty Doo, Mildura, Kalgoorlie, Nimbin, Bega, places most bands never bothered playing, especially at that point. We meet all these amazing people along the way too!

What's more we weren't losing money doing it! We weren't really making it either but no one can breakeven like The Dunhill Blues. Not a bad effort considering at one point we were touring with up to 7 members. We hardly ever had to dig into our own pockets and we always had money left over to record an album.

It wasn't all beer and skittles, bad shit happened too, we just didn't sook and throw away the bat. We just kept going and didn't quit.

Why would we? We loved our band and we loved what we did.

So 10 years, 3 albums, a 12", a 7" hundreds of gigs, thousands of kilometres, lots of beer, chocolate milk and bad roadhouse food, a 2014 European Tour, ordinary reviews, good reviews, great reviews, members coming, members going, we're still hanging on, and we've accomplished more than we ever thought possible when drawing up our beer coaster business plan.

A decade on and we're still living the dream, getting in the van for a bunch more gigs and a new album in the works due early 2017.

So catch The Dunnies at one of 10th Anniversary shows. It may be your last chance!**

*not always "easy", but definitely fun!
**a complete fucking lie, after everything I just said we're obviously not going anywhere.

Contact Adam Dunhill for interviews 0438638439/

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