31 Flavours and Fuel Entertainment


8:00pm, Fri 18 February, 2011
The Espy, VIC

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Since his death, there has been no greater legacy to hip hop then Tupac Shakur.
His lyrical poetry adorned the hearts and minds of millions, giving rise to a new order in hip hop culture, and hailing him as the greatest rapper of all time....
And while Hip hops true great legend is sorely missed...For every dark night, there's a brighter day, as his legend lives on through one of his most influential contributions to hip hop culture......


Staying true to Tupac spirit and spreading his dictums of struggle, survival, respect and redemption.....The Outlawz prepare to hit our shores in an unprecedented series of shows that promises to deliver one of the best Australian hip hop spectacles of all-time. Expounded by their lyrical inheritance 2011 is yet to provide a journey for all OUTLAWZ fans like no other with the deliverance of.....KILLUMINATI 2K10, ead by E.D.I. Mean, Young Noble and Hussein Fatal, the collaborations of musical talent featured on "Killuminati 2K10" includes guest appearances from Freeway, Young Buck, Yung La, GLC, The Jacka, Stormey and more, setting the pace in what is a profound testament to THE OUTLAWZ legend, and bringing them into 2011 and true hip hop heaven.

Further added to the delight of their fans, The studio album "Perfect Timing" is slated for release in late March 2011, granting Australians the unique honour to be the first in the world to hear their latest offerings, commencing with their new official single  100 mph ft Bun B and Lloyd. Setting the pace in a new era of OUTLAWZ dominance, Outlawz remain one of the most popular groups in hip-hop history and continue to have a devoted cult following til this day. With an action packed show that includes all their 2-Pac classics,

Hold on tight and get ready to RIDE with true OUTLAWZ PRIDE........

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