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2:00pm, Sun 20 August, 2017
Capulet Bar, QLD

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Its been 10 years since Henry launch his amazing label. Now come celebrate with an afternoon of amazing music in the courtyard.


BALANCE MUSIC - www.balancemusic.com.au

Soundcloud preview link: https://soundcloud.com/balanceseries/balance-presents- natura-sonoris- mixed-by- henry-saiz-


Spanish musical genius Henry Saiz provided one of Balance's most memorable efforts on the 19th volume,

utilising vinyl, cassette, reel-to- reel tapes and over 100 field recordings to create an incredible patchwork of

sounds that came together as a beautiful whole. Ever keen to provide something unique, he returns to the series

for Balance presents Natura Sonoris: an expansive mix comprised completely of exclusives from his award-

winning label.

"I wanted to do something special for the 10th anniversary of Natura Sonoris" he explains, "and also it's been

six years since my last CD mix-also for Balance-so we thought it was the perfect timing to do a new

collaboration." As such, he has used only exclusive and unreleased tracks from his label family, many

specially commissioned for this continuous 140-minute long mix. Upcoming releases get a debut airing; firm

favourites from previous years get new reworks; and Saiz himself provides a slew of new productions.

The ghosts of dark '80s electro-pop like Depeche Mode hover in the tortured vocals and dramatic mood of Saiz-

penned opener Lone Wolf. Muted chimes abound on Hal Incandeza's Contacto, providing the perfect segue way

into the hypnotic marimba arpeggios of Bufi's Bird Song. Things take a global twist with the African and Latin

rhythms and melodies of RIP BESTIA and Landikhan and deeper turns via A Friend Of Marcus and Saiz's

shimmering remix of Damabiah. Joep Mencke's Sonder picks up the energy with its driving beats and strong

melodies, before a double helping of the masterful Brassica gives the mix a more intense, direct edge and healthy

doses of breaks and acid.

The mix takes on a more chugging, energetic feel with Marc Marzenit's The Walrus and the detuned 8-bit melody

madness of Victoria Rodriguez's Moon On A Bright Day, followed by an ascent into euphoric melody with Brian

Cid's Luminous Black and Saiz & Tentacle's synth-tastic The Prophetess. The mellifluous vocals of Saiz's The

Light get a gorgeous, piano heavy update courtesy of bRUNA, providing a standout moment in the mix, with the

stark contrast of Saiz's remix of Sistema's Entre a near-beatless interlude that again recalls those '80s greats in

its emotive melodies.

The final third of the mix comprises largely of a masterclass in production from Saiz, such as the glistening chimes

of his Petar Dundov collaboration No Name and the warped hooks of his remix of NVBSL's Woodhouse. It's

punctuated by a brooding, sprawling epic from Voltaeric, with the intense sound design and deep atmospheres of

Sandman, and closed with another mesmerising trio of Saiz productions that culminates in the epic chug of

Spiricom (See You Soon). Throughout Saiz peppers the mix with samples from his own productions, layering them

subtly with other tracks to great effect, and across nearly two-and- a-half hours he twists and turns at just the right

times to ensure this is a captivating listen that captures a range of moods.

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