Do Not Collect $200

Harley Hefford

Do Not Collect $200 Tickets

7:30pm, Tue 11 July, 2017
24 Moons, Northcote MELBOURNE, VIC

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Whether we like it or not, we each have a relationship with Capitalism. Right!? You might feel like there needs to be more communication in yours, that Capitalism doesn't listen to your needs anymore. Remember the spontaneous shopping sprees where you bought the more expensive brands just cause? It was all so wild and exciting then. But you've changed. Capitalism might feel like things are different too. The spark has disappeared. You don't stimulate his economy in quite the way that you used to.

'Do Not Collect $200' is a new immersive theatre show that invites you to think about your relationship with Capitalism. Where are you and it at? It asks questions like why didn't I give that guy on the street money earlier today, why do some people never get to collect $200, why head into work on a Sunday, why smashed avo, why do toll roads allow richer people to get around faster, why do we buy it because it was on special, how much of capitalism is fantasy, can we resist the system a bit but still exist, how can we best see the invisible ways that we are part of this? Should we forget all this crazy stuff and just work real hard? And why won't you trade me Mayfair!?!?!? I'm not playing!

You might think about some of these things during the show, or you might simply try to keep your head above water and not have all your money taken from you. Roll the dice, don't get sent to jail and laugh all the way to the bank! Like, you will be playing a modified game of Monopoly, land on Australia Post and a postman will tap you on the shoulder and lead you to a post-office scene.

Monopoly meets a haunted house, a casino meets an escape room - get ready for some fre$h new immersive theatre this July !! $$$$$$$$$$$


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