KLP, Gold Fields - Newtown Social Club, Sydney

Written by Hannah Teape-Davis

KLP, Gold Fields - Newtown Social Club, Sydney

Bouncing onto stage in fringed skirt and leather jacket, DJ-cum-singer KLP delivered an intensely energetic set at the Newtown Social Club. Bubbly and friendly, she chatted candidly between numbers, explaining the stories that came with each of her songs. Not wasting a moment warming up or finding her groove, KLP went full-on right from her opening number, Better When You’re High.

With several songs featuring amazing nineties-esque girl band choreography, it was impossible not be swept up in the high energy fun of her set.

When she played Give You Up, a number normally featuring hip hop wonderkid Remi rapping, KLP took it upon herself to take on his part, and simply, nailed it. From soaring highs to surprisingly deep and low notes, to full-on rapping, not to mention busting out moves for every number, this girl can take it all on and smash it out of the park. She’s an undeniably hot DJ, but as she embarks on her singing career, she’s quickly becoming an act to watch out for.

After thoroughly smoking out the room and bringing the lights down for a dim and suspenseful opening, the atmosphere was at fever pitch when Gold Fields finally burst onto stage. The Victorian five-piece laid down a wicked groove with heavy bass lines and deep percussion, and a sound that sweeps you away before you even realise it.

After a couple of numbers, KLP returned to the stage for a single collaboration, and fit so seamlessly with the rest of the Gold Fields lads that she could have just been one of the band.

Collabs and features are always popular for tours, and frankly have a tendency to be a little wanky and self indulgent at times; this was one of the rare few that hit the sweet spot, that perfect place of having some fun, and producing a truly awesome alliance.

Their entire set felt continuous, as one song bled into another, distinctly different and without repetition. Yet, it was still a performance you completely lose yourself in, the kind that finishes and leaves the crowd muttering, “Already?!”

As much a visually spectacular show as it was an auditory one, Gold Fields played hard and fast and had the whole club moving. The type of band you don’t just hear but feel, right the way through you, their set was an all-out party, a complete noise fest. Iconoclastic in sound and performance, and straight up fun.


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